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A few links

  1. The Dilbert archive: Funny stripes about engineers.

  2. Lassen Volcanic Park: Fascinating geology

  3. Yosemite: National treasure

  4. Big Sur: One of my favorite spots in California

  5. Kings Canyon: grand views

  6. And of course Death Valley and not so far away Grand Canyon


Personal Interests


  1. Living in California and having lived in Oregon, it’s hard not to be overjoyed by all the scenic and wonderful hiking trails that exist here in an abundance. I spend as much time as possible in the outdoors hiking all over the western USA.


  1. I enjoy listening to new-age/ambient music and contemporary stuff like Steve Roach, Pat Metheny, US3, Deep Forest, Underworld, Steps Ahead and many more.

  2. Many years ago I also played a few instruments (violin, various flutes, drums/bass but not much).


  1. My favorite sports are running, mountain biking, diving, soccer, beach volley and a bit of weight lifting. I like to watch Formula One and road racing. From time to time I also autocross in our local Corvette Club

  2. Decades ago I practiced Taekwondo.



  1. Its a great feeling driving my bike compared to being trapped in the four wheeled metal case also known as a car. Cruising down along Pacific Highway 1 is an amazing experience. Style wise I lean towards the advanced Japanese race bikes. I used to own a Honda CBR900RR, but have settled for the slightly mellower CBR600. Also having some fun in my Vette.



  1. I graduated with a civil engineering degree (Masters) specialized in computer science in 1995, but my interest in this area started way back in 1981 when I first became exposed to a personal computer (Z80, CP/M). Over the years I have moved through various languages, starting with assembly, Pascal, C, C++ and now mostly Java (and some Object-C). In my current job I focus on reliable high performance messaging systems, enabling connectivity for Oracle’s SOA platform.

Contact information

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